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June 13th, 201 - Tashkent, Uzbekistan Akmal Nasridinov, Country Manager Uzbekistan at Pedersen & Partners, talks to about how to find the best top managers.

Almost every day, we hear that it is very difficult to find a good employee. Indeed, the search for employees is not an easy task. But it is even more difficult find workers who will be capable to lead, to build teams, to achieve their objectives and bring the company to new levels of development.  But, despite the complexity, the mission is possible. We just need to follow some simple rules that are likely to help you get the best managers.

1. Engage them
It is very important to put the right start when announcing a vacancy. The announcement should attract the right candidates, by giving the specific information regarding their responsibilities, the team size, the business unit characteristics and the company description including the number of employees, market position and other data that could significantly increase the appeal of the offer.

2. Do not wait! Search actively
Those candidates who have submitted their own resumes are not always the best candidates. Most of the good specialists are already employed. These people don’t use websites with vacancies, therefore they should be found via social networks, colleagues, partners and friends’ recommendations and other methods of direct search.

3. "Sell" the position
The interview is the process of assessing the qualifications, experience and skills of candidates, but it is also a good opportunity to "sell" the position and present the company as a good employer. After all, not only the employer assesses the candidate, the candidate as well appreciates the employer, taking into account the growth opportunities, compensation, company values and personal qualities of leadership and staff.

4. Take the time with the assessment of the candidates
It is important to determine the factors on which candidates are evaluated. They can be countless. The challenge is to select those factors that will really help us understand how a candidate is competent and motivated to perform assigned tasks. These criteria allow the selection of candidates based on real data, not just on feelings or intuition. The first impression should not influence the course of the interview.

5. Do a search for the highest priority
Hiring a top manager is too important to just leave it to the responsibility of one person from the Human Resources Department. This should be a team effort, including the top management and sometimes business owners.

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