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May 1st, 2014 -Tashkent, Uzbekistan - Ta People tell me how difficult it is to find a good employee almost every day. Searching for employees is no easy task, and it's even harder to find talent capable of leading, building teams, achieving corporate goals and bringing the company to new levels of development. These skills, of course, are vital for top-level managers.

Despite the difficulties, recruiting the best top managers is possible – you simply need to follow some basic rules.

1. Engage the right people.  The vacancy announcement is the first step in the search process, and it is important to get off to a good start. Most vacancy announcements are a simple set of traditional requirements, which can sometimes be so vague and unclear that they do not attract the attention of strong candidates, who are usually already employed. To make your offer more attractive, it is important to omit all extraneous information, leaving in only the qualities that are vital to achieve the company's goals. Be sure to include important information such as the number of direct reports, the workload and your expectations of the results to be achieved.

2. Don't wait for the phone to ring! Be proactive in your search. Don't settle for just the candidates who apply for the position. Most top managers are happily employed already, and are not visiting recruitment websites, as they are not actively seeking to move on. You can reach them through social networks, recommendations of friends, colleagues and business partners, and other direct search methods.

3. “Sell” the vacancy. The interview is not merely a process for assessing the qualifications, experience and skills of a candidate, but also a good opportunity to "sell" the position and your company as a great place to work. After all, while you assess the candidate, the candidate is also evaluating you as an employer, taking into account the growth opportunities, compensation, company values and personal qualities of your team.

4. Do not rush to assess the candidates. Identify the factors which will help you to evaluate the candidates – there could be many. The challenge is to select the factors that really will help you understand the competency and motivation of the candidates, which will directly impact their achievements. These criteria allow you to choose between candidates based on hard data rather than gut feelings. Write down your thoughts during the interview, but make the final judgment afterwards. Do not let first impressions influence the course of the interview. Often an interviewer will take a dislike to a candidate and ask tough questions, while favouring a candidate who seems more pleasant. This can result in an employer prioritising the ability to please the employer over the ability to fulfil objectives.

5. Executive search should be a high priority for everyone at the top. Hiring a top manager is too great a responsibility for any single person in the HR department. It should be a team effort, involving the top management structure of the company and sometimes the owners of the business. All participants must get a vote, because they will all have to work with the new colleague, and the shared responsibility increases the objectivity of the evaluation and final selection.

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