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November, 2013 - Lima, Peru - Three out of ten employers in Peru have problems in achieving their desired talent profile, and this situation is ongoing; for example, there is a shortfall of 200,000 technically-qualified workers in the mining sector alone.

Many corporations are beginning to shift their strategic parameters towards talent management, providing opportunities to encourage diversity, foster an environment of motivation and adapt to new work structures. High-level employees are no longer content with a secure position, but seek opportunities for growth and learning, new challenges and improved benefits. It is therefore essential for employers to communicate everything that they have to offer in order to secure the best talent.

As executives advance to higher positions in their professional development, they can expect to be rewarded accordingly, demanding not only higher salaries, but benefits such as flexible hours that promote work-life balance.

Cecilia Ibarra, Country Manager for Peru at Pedersen & Partners, has observed that while financial compensation is the key incentive at lower executive levels, it is frequently insufficient for higher-level executives. Senior executives aim for a balance, taking into account the full package of additional benefits such as insurance, travel and bonuses. More subtly, senior executives also take into consideration their preferred work environment, and therefore a company's values, philosophy, leadership and corporate culture are crucial for making career decisions.

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