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November 25th, 2013 - Madrid, Spain - Despite the long and serious crisis experienced in Spain, experts say that we are in a cycle of change and that talented executives will again have opportunities in Spain.

"General Managers and Operations Managers will be the most in demand"

Spain has the great advantage of being an open economy to international investment, which has regained competitiveness and productivity. It’s a safe country strategically placed between Europe, Latin America and Africa, ideal for establishing corporate headquarters. Along with its location, the abundance of managerial talent and a flexible and moderate labor market, make Spain a great place to invest today. Large Spanish companies are competitive in attracting, retaining and rewarding their top executives, therefore, Spain, and more specifically, Madrid as European capital, continue to be highly attractive to certain expatriate talent from other countries.

According to Alberto Bocchieri, Partner at Pedersen & Partners, the financial and professional services sectors will demand professionals again; retail in general, textiles and especially luxury goods as well as automotive, industrial and IT sectors will all see increases. The profiles of general, operations and commercial managers, will remain the most in demand, and also those related to corporate governance, risk management, compliance and systems.

Spain is a power in the service sector, while also being equally strong in engineering, telecommunications and financial services, and it’s necessary to keep those strengths while giving back to this country an industrial perspective. It is essential that Spain is competitive and productive in the manufacturing industry, in the transformation industry in the primary and secondary sectors, not only in the service sector.

The most interesting trend in the long term is the return of 'industrial' investors. The Chinese Multinational HNA taking control of NH-Hotels, the consulting firm Everis has been acquired by the Japanese technology group NTT Data, and Murcia industry funds MIVISA, has been sold to the American competitor Crown Group. These are significant sized industrial operations with disbursements of between 300 and 1,200 million Euros. This is not speculation, these are strategic industrial projects that generate wealth and growth and relocate Spain on the map of competitiveness and globalization.

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