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Technology is the centre of our universe; from mobile phones, notebooks, tablets and PCs, there is no denying the critical importance technology holds in our daily lives.  That said, it is equally critical to make the right executive appointments - of senior managers who know how to leverage leadership and management with the vision and the foresight to run tomorrow’s technology giants.

Pedersen & Partners has a proud, successful and long-standing reputation amongst the technology titans of today, having worked globally with the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Google, LG Electronics, Samsung and more to make executive placements that range from country management, technical & engineering, to sales & development. Our references speak for themselves.

Pedersen & Partners Executive Search is dedicated to bringing to each of our technology clients the precise candidates for executive jobs who have the passion, knowledge and understanding needed to drive a successful digital business of tomorrow.

The Pedersen & Partners Digital Practice Group has a focus on:

  • Venture Capital and Start-ups
  • Digital Transformation projects
  • Technology advisory companies
  • Traditional IT product, service and solution provider
  • Telecoms

For more information on our Executive Search services in the Technology Practice Group contact the Pedersen & Partners Practice Group leader.

Selected References


Peter D'Autry - Pedersen and Partners Executive Search
Peter D'Autry
Practice Group Head