Your restructuring needs covered

In today’s marketplace, restructuring is a complex and difficult process often implemented in companies across all industry landscapes. When the unwelcome situation arises, the employer must take vital steps for effective execution of an executive outplacement plan. This is in order to minimise not only the potential damage to the perception of the company in the business community, and within the company, but also the impact to the people affected by the executive job layoffs.

Pedersen & Partners is an experienced advisor to firms seeking to assist those displaced executives. Being made redundant is a stressful experience, particularly in tough economic environments, thus permeating a sense of anxiety and fear not solely among the executives in transition, but also among the companies’ remaining employees.

Experience has shown that a consultative approach and methodology can be more effective than in-house measures. As a third party consultant, Pedersen & Partners, with expertise in Executive Outplacement Consulting, is better positioned to offer the company, and the executives, an effective tool for providing the crucial support needed during these times of transition.

Pedersen & Partners’ Executive Outplacement Consulting services not only help to relieve the insecurity left after losing executive jobs, but most importantly provide support and advice to the executive in transition in order to better equip them with strong job seeking skills.

Our programme offers one-on-one, consultant to candidate executive outplacement consultations, guaranteeing a personalised approach for each executive.

The Pedersen & Partners executive outplacement process includes:

  • career management,
  • identification of the individual’s strengths and weaknesses,
  • development of an effective job seeking strategy, and
  • practical assistance with approaching potential employers for a new executive appointment.

Our experienced and skilled teams are dedicated to assisting you with outplacement services across the globe. To contact your local office directly, please see our complete list of Pedersen & Partners offices worldwide.