Emerging Funding for the Real Economy 2016

Bucharest19 April, 2016

The conference aims to bring together the stakeholders of the real economy’s funding value chain, giving everybody a platform and a chance to speak out their concerns. Our moderators encourage both speakers and participants to engage in debates and exchange of ideas and create a permanent dialogue between the panelists and the audience.

  • The geopolitical balance in the Eastern hemisphere is challenged and already leaves its marks and influences on the Western European political environment. How does this situation influence the economic decisions and investors reactions in Europe? Geopolitical risks are particularly challenging for companies, as they are hard to predict and they have implications into many other business risks.
  • Financial markets and real economies are diverging. The financial cycle has fallen behind the business cycle. Asset valuations and investor perceptions have sudden moves, trying to bridge the gaps, unleashing the forces of market volatility. The global financial crisis channels regionally its influence on the banking and non-banking segments of Romania’s developing financial market.
  • Will Romania be able to sustain the current growth trend in the near future? In the context of a heavily banking dependent funding of Romania’s economic sectors, local entrepreneurs and SMEs are often forced to deal with a subsistence economy. The banks do not the lack liquidity but have a higher pressure on managing the risk. What are the opportunities for non-banking lenders/funding? Which are the viable alternatives for financing the real economy?
  • One generation of private equity funds has come to maturity. Will there be a new wave coming in? Which sectors will they be looking at? Which are the factors that will influence the venture capital activity in Romania in the near future? And what do investors see as the main incentives for private equity investment in Romania versus other CEE countries? 


GEORGE FRIEDMAN, Founder and Chairman, Geopolitical Futures


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19 April, 2016
08:30 - 16:00

Athenee Palace Hilton, 1-3 Episcopiei St., District 1, Bucharest

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