Businesswomen – challenges and advantages, "El Portal del Capital Humano"

Lima, Peru – Studies of the corporate world predict that over the next 25 years, about a third of new CEOs will be women.

This should not come as a surprise. Women are prepared for leadership, as they are open, expressive, cooperative and people-oriented. A company’s business organization and model are subtly but deeply affected by human emotions, and this has an inevitable impact on productivity and results.

We must recognize that women have acquired capabilities and personal skills that are essential to professional success and the development of a modern organization, including flexibility, forward planning and multitasking.

Women perform better as leaders when they are not forced to adopt a masculine style or sacrifice their natural instincts. They succeed best when the scope is to be altruistic, people-focused, cooperative and open, and to foster skills such as risk aversion, collaboration, participation, intuition and patience.

Women are thoughtful and careful, and with these characteristics they achieve better long-term returns. They are also much more skilled with language and expressing emotions.

However, a woman who wants to be in a managerial position must primarily focus on firm criteria, persistence, clarity and quality work, day after day. Professional success comes from professional performance.

Cecilia Ibarra Posada is the Country Manager for Peru at Pedersen & Partners. Ms. Ibarra brings more than a two decade career of experience in multinational companies from the Education and Technology sectors. Ms. Ibarra held positions with AT&T Latin America, Microsoft Peru and Nextel in commercial, marketing & communications and sales roles. Prior to joining Pedersen & Partners, Ms. Ibarra was the Business Relations Manager at Grupo Santillana.

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