Connected Africa International Conference: Elissa Wilding will discuss the need to attract, retain and motivate talent

May 26th, 2015 – Johannesburg, South Africa – Elissa Wilding, Client Partner and the Head of the Media & Entertainment Practice at Pedersen & Partners will participate in the “Connected Africa” SatCom International Conference. The main objective of this conference is to determine the future and implications of satellite, communications and connectivity technology. The event will examine innovation and investment in satellite communication for enterprises, governments, Internet Service Providers, Telecommunications businesses, end users and operators, and will bring together local, regional and international experts operating within the industry.

Ms. Wilding will use her extensive experience in the global Digital, Media & Advertising and Television industries to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by the African continent in attracting, retaining and motivating talent.

“This conference gives us a unique opportunity to approach, familiarise ourselves and initiate important collaborative links with the African markets. Africa is now well placed to leapfrog legacy technology and be ahead of the mature markets; to be at the forefront of new technological developments.  It can leverage huge new opportunities in a way only emerging markets can. If Africa decides to embrace the partnerships and collaborative relationships the mature markets dearly wish to forge, in the years to come the world will be looking to Africa for guidance,” stated Ms. Wilding.

Ms. Wilding will also focus on the ability of local markets to attract talent in order to supply the burgeoning continent with skilled personnel at all levels.

“Collaboration with talent from larger markets will only enrich Africa's media offerings, and showcase the continent's wealth of opportunities to the wider world,” added Ms. Wilding.

Elissa Wilding is a Client Partner and the Head of the Media & Entertainment Practice at Pedersen & Partners. Ms. Wilding brings over 30 years of international expertise in the global Digital, Media & Advertising and Television industries. Her extensive experience in the broadcast arena includes over five years as the Chief Executive Officer for a digital satellite TV station in South Africa, and subsequent contributions to the rise of satellite television in Asia. Throughout her professional career, Ms. Wilding has built management teams in television, served as a strategic advisor for companies entering the advertising market and gained a wealth of experience in Media & Entertainment executive search.

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