Could your ego help your career? "Gestión"

Lima, Peru – Some studies show that going into a crucial interview with an egotistical attitude could bring you an advantage. Employers often prefer a confident candidate who is convinced that s/he is the best person for this specific job – but perhaps it is just as important to raise your confidence by carefully analysing the job description before the interview!

If people talk a lot about your ego, they probably aren’t praising you! But conversely, some people think that a good dose – not an overdose – of ego is helpful in professional situations such as interviews.

This kind of egotistical confidence will help you when it comes to negotiating a salary raise or a promotion: instead of waiting for an opportunity to come up, be proactive and publicise your intentions.

Alberto Bocchieri, Partner at Pedersen & Partners, agrees: “The neutral concept of the ego – the perception that everyone has of his or her own existence – has rather a negative connotation today. However, recruiters have a preference for self-confident candidates with a high assessment of their own ability to make valuable contributions. This attitude tends to impress the interviewer and can have a great impact on the overall impression.”

The “good ego” improves your performance at presentations, debates and conferences. It helps you learn things, and then credits the original author. The “good ego” shares high-quality content from other people on the Internet so that everyone can benefit. There are four key points to follow in developing your “good ego” to make long-term sustainable improvements to your career.
Firstly, identify the main references and influential people in your area of competency.

Secondly, follow these people, participate in their talks, subscribe to their blogs and Google alerts, and read their books. This will help you understand what makes them the best in their field, and analyse their added value.

Thirdly, share their valuable materials inside and outside social media.

Finally, maintain coherence and be patient!

Alberto Bocchieri is a Partner, Co-Head of Iberia & Latin America at Pedersen & Partners, based in Madrid. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Bocchieri has held various senior level positions in large corporations in the chemical industry, banking and communications sectors in Brussels, Rome and Madrid. Mr. Bocchieri brings a wealth of Executive Search experience having previously worked for an international executive search firm. His areas of expertise include Private Equity, Corporate and Investment Banking, Legal and Financial Services, Professional Advisory Services, Energy (Mining, Oil & Gas, large utilities, Renewable and Conventional Power) and Industrials. He focuses on top executive positions and cross-border assignments both in Western and emerging economies.

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