Evita Lune speaks at the SheXo Club organised by Deloitte Latvia

Evita Lune, Partner for Global Digital Economy at Pedersen & Partners was among the prominent women business leaders who spoke at SheXo Club organised by Deloitte Latvia and addressed the audience of 50 women executives presenting case studies of disruptive leadership and opportunities to lead in business world.

Despite the important role played by women in business they are still under-represented in the decision making positions globally, yet there are many inspiring stories of women in top management both in Europe - specifically all three Baltic countries had female presidents (Estonia and Lithuania currently have) - and in more conservative Middle Eastern and African countries. Evita shared her personal story of becoming an influential woman in business leading the Global Digital Economy practice and working on assignments in 30+ countries across Europe, Asia, MEA and Americas where she encounters diverse approach to gender issues, compensation, competencies, etc.

In conclusion, while Evita salutes technological revolution and disruption for providing many more opportunities for women to advance through better access to education, mentorship and funds, she states that it is still challenging for them to achieve and hold leadership due to society and family influence and there is still more work to be done.