From ”office mother” to Business Strategist, ”Dienas Bizness”

Riga, Latvia - Global trends in Human Resource Management set the tone for Latvian enterprises. The responsibilities and competences of Human Resource Managers are increasing.

”A high-level Human Resource Manager must be able to act as a Business Advisor. In Latvia, the search process for HR Manager is based on this factor. Nowadays the HR Manager is no longer limited to handling the functions of the personnel department.

A Human Resource Manager must be able to think as an entrepreneur, understand the company’s business model and analyze the financial results.

Global experience shows that HR Managers are also Business Partners, mostly for specific business segments such as production, procurement and wholesale. According to the statistics for every 70 employees it pays off for a company to hire an HR Manager.

Nowadays companies are looking for leaders who inspire an innate sense of respect. Leadership is the most advanced level of management, based on personal example, inspiration and motivation.

In Latvia most leaders are men, while women (who are now about 90% of HR Managers in Latvia) still perform more support functions. Women must improve their business knowledge if they are to succeed as HR Business Partners,” says Evita Lune, Partner, the Country Manager for Latvia and Head of the Retail Practice group at Pedersen & Partners.

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