Partner Evita Lune to Forbes Latvia: “My job is my lifestyle”

Riga, Latvia – Evita Lune joined the Latvia office of Executive Search firm Pedersen & Partners over ten years ago. By 2009, she had developed the business and her team to such an extent that she was promoted to the position of Partner. Her ascent within Pedersen & Partners, which operates in 52 countries across the globe, is quite remarkable; she became a key member of the firm’s executive body within a few years after joining, and has steadily increased her responsibilities while expanding the areas covered and diversifying the teams that she has built.

In addition to her duties as Partner and Country Manager for Latvia, Evita is also the Head of the Global Retail Practice Group, and is responsible for the firm’s operations in the Baltics, Poland, and Belarus. Evita has executed international searches in countries such as Colombia, Mexico and Brazil, as well as across Europe.

Evita is one of the Forbes TOP 35 businesswomen, and her perseverance and personal achievements rank her in the top 10 consultants all over the world.

Evita says that if you are sufficiently devoted to your career, you don’t need a work-life balance. “My job is my lifestyle, it gives me great joy and a sense of fulfilment, so there is no need for me to set strict time limits between job and leisure in my daily schedule.” Because she doesn’t separate her work life and her personal life, there have been times when she has made business deals on skiing vacations, or when her friends have become clients and vice versa. “I know that in the business world, only passionate and enthusiastic people can reach the top,” Evita adds. She thinks that a person can only be successful and happy if s/he acts naturally and does not wear a mask.  

Evita is passionate about music and extreme sports. “I was taught to understand and enjoy opera by a former colleague from the Riga School of Economics. I regularly attend opera performances in London and Warsaw when on business trips, as well as in Latvia.”

“In Latvia I pay particular attention to Viesturs Meiksans’ creative activities,” Evita continues, “while in my opinion the real master of the theatre is Dainis Grube.”

For Evita, the risk of extreme sports is what drives her, helps her to concentrate and restores her energy. She loves winter swimming (this year she even took part in the Latvian winter swimming championships) and slalom water skiing (she did not water ski seriously until her thirties). Evita stresses that for winter swimming, it is essential to have a good group of friends who will not only keep you safe, but also make you laugh. This is exactly what one needs to recuperate after a stressful working week. Winter swimming also gives Evita an opportunity to discuss work with other professionals (her teammates include leading Latvian lawyers and businessmen, as well as athletes). “I don’t complain about cold and grey skies anymore, because after swimming in the ice-hole, the regular weekday no longer seems grey,” Evita says with a smile. For Evita, waterskiing is not a lazy solo cruise behind the boat, but an advanced sport that requires huge physical effort, concentration and cooperation with other athletes. Evita doesn’t doubt that these activities make her heart beat faster and directly help her in her job. “If I take part in sports on a regular basis, I have greater physical and mental wellbeing and a high level of energy. These are the main requirements for me to succeed.”

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