Pedersen & Partners and Simonsen Vogt Wiig co-host Global Opportunities in FinTech event in Oslo

Oslo, Norway – Pedersen & Partners Executive Search and Simonsen Vogt Wiig, a leading commercial law firm, co-hosted the Global Opportunities in FinTech event in Oslo at the end of August. The event was specifically designed for Norwegian FinTechs, and offered insights on FinTech global capital market activities, regulatory aspects to consider, commercialization and scaling required to succeed globally in FinTech. Among the key speakers were:


  • Evita Lune, Global Digital Economy Partner at Pedersen & Partners, who provided an overview of the industry and the global opportunities for Norwegian FinTechs, including recruitment challenges in finding and managing disruptive leaders and cross-cultural challenges in the Executive Search process.
  • Partner Morten Wilhelm Winther and Senior Lawyer Kasper Formo Asplin of Simonsen Vogt Wiig stressed the importance of careful analysis of the legal framework while targeting international expansion and the regulatory limitations to be aware of during the process; and the relevant aspects of intellectual property rights and taxation.
  • Susanne Hannestad, CEO at FinTech Mundi, presented The Nordic Fintech Manifesto.

Some of the main conclusions that were highlighted during the discussions were centered on the fact that the capital markets activity in FinTech has reached the record high of 120 billion USD during the first 6 months of 2019 and, as a consequence, the Nordic capital markets landscape is experiencing an enormous influx of interest from investors. A recent example was last month's announcements regarding the Nets and Bank Norwegian agreement to provide open banking infrastructure. An outstanding advantage of the Nordic FinTechs is that their cashless society experience and technological advancement provide great opportunities globally and offer a variety of avenues for continuous development. Furthermore, the Nordic leadership style including respect for people, honest and transparent communication, rational, professional, and data-driven approach, is highly regarded on the global FinTech landscape.


Full event video

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