Pedersen & Partners co-hosts executive coaching session on managing high performance teams


Lima, Peru – What are the characteristics of a high performance team? What does it take to assemble, manage and develop one? At a recent business breakfast event in Lima organised by Pedersen & Partners in association with Club Empresarial from Peru, the business community had a chance to discuss the importance of the executive coach in developing successful teams and achieving company growth.

The event was specifically designed to address the challenges faced by executives from different industries when dealing with team efficiency. The keynote speaker was Antonio Grande Amarilla, a renowned executive coach from Spain.

“Working in the field of talent acquisition enables us to know all of the ins and outs of running a business or leading a team that an executive encounters. We know that an efficient leader is an informed individual who is familiar with all the human capital innovations and challenges, regardless of the industry in which he or she works. This executive coaching event analysed the pros and cons of the instruments that all executives should master in order to achieve high impact changes in their teams – changes that will show up on the revenue report,” commented Cecilia Ibarra Posada, Country Manager for Peru at Pedersen & Partners.

The 45 managers who attended the event learned valuable lessons about the power of effective communication and trust to strengthen teams, the potential for “visioning” and planning to generate success, the importance of timely actions and skilful executions in fulfilling planned achievements, and finally, the ways in which assembling effective and efficient work teams can reward the entire company with unexpected results.

“I’m delighted that Mr. Amarilla agreed to share his valuable expertise in executive coaching with our clients,” Ms. Ibarra Posada continued. “This meeting was not only informative, but also served as a great platform for open communication and sharing of ideas. Managers that develop businesses in different industries here in Lima and across the region were able to share their concerns with our coach and their peers, and also ask for business guidance. We are pleased with the results of this event and are contemplating the agenda for the next one.”

Pedersen & Partners is one of the fastest-growing, fully integrated Executive Search firms worldwide; it is 100% owned by its partners who all work full-time to serve its clients. The firm celebrated its 15th anniversary in January 2016, and to mark this occasion, it has created a timeline web page, featuring key milestones for the firm’s development and has released an anniversary video.

Cecilia Ibarra Posada is the Country Manager for Peru at Pedersen & Partners. Ms. Ibarra brings over two decades of experience in multinational companies from the Education, Technology, and Industrial sectors. Ms. Ibarra has held positions with AT&T Latin America, Microsoft Peru and Nextel in commercial, sales, and marketing and communications roles, and also as a training and development specialist. Since joining Pedersen & Partners, she has successfully completed senior management assignments for local and global companies in a variety of sectors, including Construction, Retail, FMCG, Technology and Media.

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