Pedersen & Partners Launch Premium Compensation Database

In conjunction with the recent survey on executive compensation carried out by Pedersen & Partners, the international executive search firm launches their new compensation database as part of their Executive Compensation Consulting services. This tool allows HR departments to create market adequate salary packages for more than 60 positions across more than 40 countries worldwide.

Pedersen & Partners, an executive search firm with 50 offices across 47 countries, has recently added Executive Compensation Consulting, headed up by Conrad Pramboeck, to their service portfolio. Mr. Pramboeck explains: “The addition of a dedicated compensation service adds to the Pedersen & Partners offering a more complete service for our clients, allowing them now both the tools and the market expertise to complete the hiring process.”

"The results of our work ensure market competitiveness and motivating compensation structures for managers across all functions, industries, and geographies", says Poul Pedersen, Managing Partner of Pedersen & Partners.

New Executive Compensation Database

Additionally, Pedersen & Partners has launched an executive compensation database alongside their premium paid version with information on individual executive salaries for more than 1,200 executives in 200 companies in Europe and the United States. This tool is available as a free service for insights in compensation packages of international top executives.

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