Pedersen & Partners team of 34 offices meets in Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania - Pedersen & Partners, a leading international executive search firm held its annual meeting in Bucharest, Romania on October 24 and 25. The event brought together the executive search firm’s Partners and consultants from the 34 offices of the firm. Also attending were representatives of other executive search firms from Western Europe and US, with whom Pedersen & Partners has search referral agreements.

Poul Pedersen, founder and Managing Partner of Pedersen & Partners, chaired the meeting. “This event is important in terms of bringing the team together, summarising the achievements of the past year and discussing future company strategy,” – commented Pedersen.

This event coincided with an important strategic move by Pedersen & Partners. The firm opened its first office in the Middle East - in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This office will be a hub for serving the company’s clients and further development into the Middle East and Africa region.

In the past year Pedersen & Partners also implemented organisational changes that will enable its consultants to provide greater quality service to clients. Constantly enhanced information system and network of information centres of the company also enable the firm to give a faster response and work with clients more efficiently.

Mona Neagoe, Country Manager for Romania gave a presentation during the event about business climate and executive search in Romania. Neagoe stated: “Choosing Bucharest for our event this year was natural. Romania occupies a leading position in the South-East Europe and remains very attractive for investors, while Romanian companies are also developing dynamically and exploring foreign markets. Pedersen & Partners, with its extensive international presence, is in a prime position to facilitate the Romanian investors in their search for top talent abroad and to help foreign investors to attract key executives to lead their businesses in Romania.“

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