Recruiting top managers – resumes and interviews


Kiev, Ukraine – Recruiting an executive is a complex process that has several instrumental components. The most essential of them will be the core of the following piece.


An executive resume should be as laconic and structured as possible. However, feel free to ignore the traditional advice to limit a resume to one or at most two pages; this standard was set during the '80s and '90s, when resumes were frequently sent by fax. Although the “one or two pages” advice is still frequently found in books on recruitment and offered by local recruiters, it is no longer relevant in the era of email.

Instead of adhering to a strict page limit, the information in a top manager’s resume should cover the most important steps in her/his career. I must reiterate that it needs to be laconic and structured, and to achieve this I recommend using the CAR (context-action-result) technique.

The information contained in a resume should be concrete and dry, and backed up by figures if possible. The cover letter format is better for presenting a career path in a descriptive or narrative style, but always remember that each cover letter should be individually written and tailored to fit the employer and position. Your cover letter will need to justify your assertion that you are the best candidate for the role.


Before interviewing an executive candidate, I always do my homework and prepare questions, which are specific to the candidate and the position. I read up on the latest news about the market sector where the candidate’s current company operates, the company itself and some specifics about its areas of activity. I will also ask the candidate about specific experiences, skills and competencies, which my client and I deem necessary for the position.

For me, executive interviews flow best when we have a mutual exchange of information. Top managers represent a unique source of practical knowledge, which cannot be found anywhere else.

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