Small companies CAN attract ace managers, ""

Prague, Czech Republic - Top managers and specialists are scarce in the labor market. For SMEs this fact is especially true, with most experts tempted by the pay and prestige of large corporations. However, according to industry experts, all is not lost. Even the SME sector can attract "aces" on board – provided, of course, that there is a proficient HR specialist in the industry who knows exactly how to put together an enticing package.

Large corporations can afford to pamper their employees – high salaries, international environment, opportunities for rapid career growth make these entities highly appealing for the best managers and specialists. Nevertheless, this does not mean that a small or medium enterprise will be unable to attract excellent experts! However, in order to attract the best talent, an SME must clearly communicate its specific advantages, and the ways in which it excels. SMEs should define their competitive advantages right from the beginning, and only start "hunting" senior managers or specialists once they are clear on exactly who they are and what they bring to the table. The company must be able to accurately describe the benefits and advantages that it can offer a talented expert or skilled manager. 

“Managers in smaller companies usually hold more complex responsibilities and they complete a lot of tasks beyond their standard job description. They often work without assistants and need to accomplish a lot of operational things by themselves," says Petra Grabmayer, Partner & Country Manager for the Czech Republic at Pedersen & Partners.

If a small company wants to lure an experienced professional who has dozens of other bids, it must clarify exactly what it expects from a manager – and how much freedom he will have to use his abilities.

Petra Grabmayer is a Partner and the Country Manager for Czech Republic at Pedersen & Partners. Before joining the firm Ms. Grabmayer was the Business Development Manager Europe for ProTrans International, a US based supplier of logistics services. Previously, she was a Sales & Marketing Manager for Czech Republic and Slovakia at Business Travel Unlimited (RaiffeisenLandesbank) and Director at Berlitz School of languages.

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