Value is more than just reputation, "Dienas Bizness"

Riga, Latvia - Evita Lune, Partner and the Country Manager for Latvia at Pedersen & Partners, spoke to Dienas Bizness regarding Employee Value Propositions.

One positive trend in Latvia is that companies now care more about their image as employers. This is mostly due to the fact that employers struggle to find appropriate employees, especially for managerial positions. However, to ensure a company's long-term image as a reliable employer, it is not enough just to hire "superstars". Instead, employers must think in terms of Employee Value Proposition.

Wages are not the only reason why employees come to work – the most important aspect of an employer is the corporate culture, including the mission, vision and fundamental values of the company. Companies should ensure adequate compensation and bonuses, a comfortable working environment and atmosphere, career advancement opportunities (including study programs and international experience), and other benefits such as health insurance, pension funds and company cars.

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