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Riga, Latvia – Ieva Riekstina, Consultant at Pedersen & Partners spoke with Claire Linley, Chief Communications Officer at cloudyBoss

Ieva: Claire, tell us a bit about cloudyBoss.
Claire: cloudyBoss is a multi-award-winning business. Our NEXT+ product combines SaaS and IaaS and is the World’s first EDLT (Enterprise Distributed Ledger Technology) platform. NEXT+ is designed to empower organisations of all sizes and types with a platform that is scalable, flexible and highly affordable. It combines over 300 functions in 80 modules such as Marketing/HR/Accounting etc., with DLT, AI, IoT, ML and other convergent technologies built in.
With our own 4th Generation Blockchain built into the core, it is also the ideal platform upon which many technologies can be developed. Through our own startup accelerator, Startospheric, we help startups fast-track their MVP by developing it on the NEXT+ platform.
Ieva: What about your role in the company?
Claire: I am the co-founder of cloudyBoss and have worked with Lou Schillaci, our CEO over several startups during the past 15 years. My background was not originally technology, I ran my own PR business and also worked on network television for a number of years, presenting business and lifestyle shows. I still run a professional video and voiceover studio in Europe called Novita Digital Studios. As the CCO of cloudyBoss I develop all the communications for the company and even though I am not highly technical, having been around technology for a long time, my understanding is pretty good. I suppose you could say technology is like a language I understand but am not fluent in speaking!
Ieva: I noticed on your website that your company received several awards last year. Are there any that you are particularly proud of?
Claire: Yes, there are two we are very proud of. One of them is from Australia where we were recognized as a business of tomorrow. One of the top 4 banks in Australia saw cloudyBoss as one of the top businesses to watch in the future.
The second award was during TechChill in Riga where we were recognized by Startup Lighthouse (part of the European H2020 Initiative), as one of the top ten startups. We put a lot of effort into everything we do on a daily basis, so such acknowledgment is important to us.
Ieva: Further developing on this: I’ve been connected to technology most of my life, but what is surprising to me, your company build solutions using a combination of new technologies: blockchain, artificial intelligence, IOT, machine learning. Who is behind all this?
Claire: Our CTO will thank you. Giovanni Di Noto is the brainchild behind cloudyBoss and he’s been working on this for five years. It came about through requirements for a business application that he was working on for himself and, quite remarkably he saw the future of these technologies already then, because as you know that five years ago these things were no so important.  We believe we pioneered what we call Enterprise Distributed Ledger, because built into the core of our platform is blockchain and it’s not someone else’s platform, it’s our own that we’ve developed from ground up. So, we are very proud of this
Ieva: I understand that the blockchain technology ensures safety…
Claire: Yes, it is. It spans so many different things: from building the product on a secure platform, which means that everything that is built is immutable and secure, to enabling such things as smart contracts between 2 or more people which takes only a few minutes, whereas other platforms will require a lot of custom coding, etc. Due to our DLT technology being built into the core you can be incorporating safe immutable data right across the board.

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Ieva Riekstina is a Consultant at Pedersen & Partners, based in Riga, Latvia. Ms. Riekstina is an HR management and recruitment professional with over twenty years of experience in the Technology, Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance, Finance, Plant production, and FMCG sectors across the Baltics. She has placed C-suite, management, functional, and operational executives across these industries. During her extensive career in the MTM industry, she collaborated with several local and international IT companies where she worked as HR and Administrative Manager, Senior Consultant, and IT recruiter and was in charge of HR strategy, recruitment, policy development, process redesign, and talent transformation. Prior to joining Pedersen & Partners, she served as an IT Recruiter for the Latvian branch of Accenture, the biggest IT company in Latvia, where she supported the corporation’s expansion to over 10 countries through highly-specialised IT positions recruitment, training, and integration.
Ms. Riekstina has a unique but multifaceted educational background, combining Mathematics, Psychology, IT, and business. Her academic credentials include an MBA from Riga Business School and two Bachelor’s degrees: one in Educational Psychology and another in Information Economics from the University of Latvia. She speaks native Latvian, and fluent English and Russian.

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