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Riga, Latvia – Evita Lune, Global Digital Economy Partner, interviewed Gunita Kulikovska, Founder and CEO of Vividly for Riga Tech Girls, an IT community in Riga, Latvia dedicated to tech, start-up and digital education. Vividly was founded in 2016 by young architects and tech professionals driven by the synergy between architecture, virtual reality, and people. Its CEO does not speak the traditional start-up language  – she is a visionary, who aspires to facilitate the development of a new medium (virtual reality) as the paradigm shift in the way architects communicate with their clients and teams.

In the interview, Gunita talks about how personal growth goes hand in hand with development of venture and the fact that, especially at the early stage, your company is a mirror of yourself. As the company grows you have to be able to grow even faster. So what does it take to take a step forward into the unknown and dive deep into creating a venture based on a technology that is just about to be known as a new medium?

Evita: The creative approach and innovation that your team has developed  – are they unique globally or are there some other versions worldwide?

Gunita: VR is a relatively new field with a lot of free space and no benchmarks. There are two major issues every VR company has to foresee, and to find a trade-off  – accessibility to VR and enjoyable content. Our bet is on the web as a major source for VR experience and designed, vivid experiences on top of that. WebVR will be a key factor in the progress towards mass adoption of VR and a powerful channel for creators seeking the broadest distribution. […] The team really matters. People who are around you really matter. If you are a leader of a small team, the company has to be a platform where people can grow as personalities, as professionals. If you are able to establish that framework, keep it running, keep it fresh, there is no way to fail. If the team is happy, able to innovate, people have a good balance in their life – your team is your brand. This factor becomes more and more important. Then you have a client and a product. Anything can happen with environment and technologies, but if your team is motivated and challenged, they will always find a way for the company to succeed.

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