Insights from Jonathan Chesnut PhD Senior R&D Director, Cell Biology

By Kristina Vaivadaite, Client Partner, Life Sciences Practice 

Insights from Jonathan Chesnut PhD Senior R&D Director, Cell Biology

This Market Pulse is to look back on the internal industry insights seminar, in which we had the privilege to host the California based Jonathan Chesnut PhD, Senior R&D Director Cell Biology at Thermo Fisher Scientific, a leading company in scientific research and analytical instrumentation.

Jonathan Chesnut received his PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of California. After his post-doctoral research, he joined Introgen as a research scientist. Currently, Jonathan Chesnut is leading a team in the cell biology business unit at Thermo Fisher Scientific R&D site in Carlsbad, California, focusing on cell engine therapy platform development.

At this firm-wide symposium, Dr. Chesnut delved into the intricacies of genome editing, particularly using CRISPR technology, its impact on cell therapy and its potential to revolutionize the field of human disease treatment. He highlighted the primary goal of precisely cutting DNA at specific locations and explained how genome editing is used to reprogram T-cells into potent anti-tumour agents.

Dr. Chesnut acknowledged the costly process and the ongoing efforts to reduce treatment costs. He also highlighted the potential for allogeneic therapies to expand access and significantly lower treatment costs.

Significant growth in the genome editing market is projected over the next few years, with a strong focus on cell therapy. It is expected that the gene editing market will reach around USD 10.5 billion in 5 years. North America is currently leading in this field, but growth is also expected in Europe and China.

The increasing demand for professionals in the field of cell therapy and genome editing is creating a workforce gap. Strategies are being developed to close this gap, including advanced education and professional certification programs.

Overall, Dr. Jonathan Chesnut provided the Pedersen & Partners team with insight into the evolving landscape of genome editing and cell therapy. He related this topic to the need for skilled professionals to drive this field forward. Pedersen & Partners’ mission is supporting clients in helping to find and recruit emerging leadership talents. With a track record in the growth domain of Cell & Gene, Pedersen & Partners' services can be beneficial for the industry.

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